These are the trip details

  • Trip duration 3-5 Hours
  • Price: $95 per adult
  • Limited Numbers per Night
  • Trips depart from Okarito
  • Trips Available Oct 21 – Feb 22
  • Trips start again Oct 22 – March 23

Due to Covid 19 the tours will hibernate between Feb 2nd 2021 – October 2021

The trips will start at the office of Okarito Kiwi Tours, which is situated in the middle of Okarito ( population 30ish ). We are harder to miss than find ! Following a short briefing,  we will take a short drive upon dusk.

Okarito Kiwi Tours

We will then walk 2km into known kiwi habitat . Along the way we will look out for other birds. This will give us a great opportunity to see the very rare fernbird in its natural environment.

If time permits, we will interpret all bird calls along the way together with detailed knowledge of the local area and it’s history.

Again, if time permits, we will explain the Maori myths and legends that surround the story as to how a kiwi became a ground dwelling bird.

Often we need to walk quite quickly into the kiwi territory, if we have time we will also explain a little about New Zealand’s history, Continental Drift, Remoteness, Giantism, Isolation, Immigration, Native Mammals, and Flightlessness.

Once we reach the kiwi habitation, we will listen for kiwi activity. There is a very good chance that will hear the birds snuffling for food or generally moving around in the bush.

This is a unique trip which takes teamwork, ownership, buy-in to the theory, participation, responsibility and patience.

We are professionals and we expect professional behaviour.

We will hear the bird calling – the very unique sound resonating for miles into the quiet of the night. We have a 95% Success in viewing Kiwi.

During darkness we will hear Morepork ( Ruru ), tree weta’s even possum.

After a time listening we will walk back to the vehicle – Along the way we may encounter more kiwis along the track together with more possums or even deer.

A clear night will give us a great chance to be guided by the stars of our galaxy and we often get a great view of the Milky Way.

Once back at the van – the heater is cranked up as we drive back to your accommodation.

We Provide
Please Bring
2 Way Radio
Sturdy Walking boots
Safety Vest
Mosquito Repellent
Mosquito Hats
Great Attitude